The basics of Turkish Hammam and its Traditions

The basics of Turkish Hammam and its Traditions

For many who made a decision to getting washed from the a beneficial “tellak”, she/the guy (same sex because you) appear and you will tells you to set down

We invested long during the hammams whenever i try a great child. Due to the fact my grandmother’s companion ran new hammam (Kosklu Hamam, Kumkapi) next door, we could possibly go indeed there daily once morning meal on summer time. It absolutely was pretty and you can and you may silent. We had been maybe not supposed around simply to capture showers in addition to to socialize. Women would already been and you may speak throughout the day together with washing up and you can leisurely. We never requested as to the reasons individuals just take baths together or as to why they is actually sizzling hot in to the otherwise why there are merely feminine. I just got that which you for granted and you can yksin Meksikolainen naiset enjoyed me.

Many years passed and that i was raised; very few locals visit hammams anymore, never as often anyway. They became almost like yet another affair for people that people perform not all the minutes per year. Going to a beneficial hammam with family members; with cold beverages; chatting when you are getting wash; leisurely while hearing the brand new mirror about hammam, and you will watching the fresh new light future as a result of little holes in the rooftop result in the experience so unique. It entails you out of the day to day life along with the worry.

I still love it and that i enjoy it even more

Hammams have been tall getting Turkish community for centuries as they stored of a lot societal days. In earlier times, feminine visits new hammam to evaluate the fresh new solitary girls away right after which share with the sons. Also, single girls visits hammams with regards to moms and dads and hang aside with their potential mother-in laws. All of the women perform offer antique food there to enjoy and you may who would serve as an examination toward brides-to-become.

Adopting the marriage is ”. Brand new bride’s family members and loved ones do come together having painters and you can eating, dance and you can consume on hammam. The newest bride-to-be could well be cleanse 3 x among to help you purify before event. It had been in addition to preferred for taking infant newborns towards the hammam once forty months to be clean in the middle. Likewise, many people would go to the fresh new hammam whenever a wish to is actually came across, or when a guarantee is kept.

The body and you can skin are eliminated and filtered out-of toxic substances, new blood supply increases, the new immune system is actually stimulated therefore the physical and mental possibilities is backed by new hammam. Going to hammam features its own traditions; being aware what to-do saves opportunity and makes the experience so much more convenient. (Many hammams one tourists visit keeps each other men’s and ladies’ edges open through the day and nights. Certain local hammams serve female through the day and you can men inside the the night.)

Go ahead and bring your very own hair care, detergent, fabric, etc. towards hammam. If you do not possess those individuals, they are given to you. Should you get for the hammam, you’ve decided should you want to rating a traditional Turkish bath where somebody rinses you sometime harshly (a lot like a massage with a lot of foam), a beneficial “self-wash” or some sort of ‘modern’ massage therapy which might be getting preferred during the prefer hammams. You will get their kese (a small pocket kind of cloth to cleanse), good pestemal (antique pure cotton human anatomy link) and you will detergent if you’d like.

You then go to the dressing space urban area the place you simply take out of your clothing and you may tie one’s body on pestemal. Now you are quite ready to enter brand new sizzling hot town and that enjoys a heated marble platform between. This place is called “sicaklik” (heat) and it has of numerous “kurna”s (bathing sinks) and you may halves (personal baths cubicles).

One thing to carry out is to try to allow your looks perspire. Lay down to your sizzling hot marble and commence watching white upcoming within the on holes of your own hammam’s dome. Should you get also hot (over fifty percent an hour or so would-be too much time since it might possibly be 35-forty five values centigrade), you could potentially head to among the many sinks and pour some liquid to the yourself. He/she’ll give you an exfoliating rub hence at the bottom shocks people by the number of dead epidermis and dirt appearing out of the human body. It is really purifying. Following bath a different attendant commonly wash you of the you to definitely of one’s sinks, also tresses wash if you prefer.

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